trufocus corporation

  • Materials Testing
  • Thin Film and Coating
  • Multi-layer PC Board Inspection
  • Thickness Gauging
  • Pharmaceutical Research
  • Fisheries Research/Tagging
  • Automotive Wheels, Tires,
  • Composites and Alloys
  • Miniature Parts Inspection
  • Security/Freight, Baggage,
  • Food Inspection
  • X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) is the most suitable analytical technique to inspect many different kinds of materials, no matter if they are solids, sludge, filters, liquids, and powders. Environmental protection is today one of the most important and most advanced of analytical tasks. Monitoring of contaminated land, determination of hazardous elements in air and water, classification of waste materials, foods, and the specification of products for later recycling and disposal, are essential for efforts in keeping the planet clean. With new legislation passing at an accelerated rate, the analysis of elements at lowest concentration levels in a huge variety of different material types is needed for many companies to stay in business. TruFocus is dedicated to helping these companies by providing the quintessential tool in being able to analyze diverse materials. Below is a list of tubes designed for Industrial applications.
    Product Name Max PowerMax VoltageMax Current Focal Spot
    3007 20 600 W-30 kV20 mA0.5 mm
    3007 FGA 210 W-30 kV7 mA0.5 mm
    3007 HP 300 W-30 kV10 mA0.5 mm
    4040 14 W70 kV0.2 mA0.2 mm
    5109 9 W30 kV2 mA1 mm
    8080 SW 12 W80 kV1 mA0.008 mm
    8100 CW 12 W100 kV0.6 mA0.008 mm
    8100 EW 8 W100 kV1 mA0.008 mm
    8100 SW 8 W100 kV1 mA0.008 mm
    MAX-3 300 W-30 kV10 mA0.2 mm
    MAX-4 50 W-50 kV1 mA0.2 mm
    MAX-8 160 W-80 kV2 mA0.2 mm