trufocus corporation

TruFocus has but one goal to serve our customers' best interest. As we've expanded and developed to serve the needs of our customers, we've excelled in the ability to develop custom x-ray technology for the end user. This is what keeps our advice, support and services in high demand. Constantly pushing the physical limits of the x-ray tube allows us to produce highly anticipated results that exceed the standards of our customer. Because we are an independent company, we do not have the constraints of most of our competition in Research and Development so we can freely design and integrate the most sought out capabilities of an x-ray source for our customers.

X-ray is our business.

We exist due to our uniqueness:

real engineers on staff
microscopists on staff
process engineers on staff

We continualy strive:
to make it easy for our customers to do business with us
to be recognized as reliable, on-time, and effective business partners
to provide high quality equipment and services
to provide satisfaction for our customers

We are successful because we continuely exceed our customers' and suppliers' expectations with:
technical support
equipment deliveries
demonstration equipment
lead time on customized product