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X-Ray Source Series

TFX Series MicroFocus X-ray source


MicroFocus X-ray Source

MicroFocus X-ray technology employs a unique gridded gun and cathode design. It was developed to fulfill the need for high resolution imaging for Industrial, Medical, Aerospace, and Analytical applications. The small Focal Spot Size produces exceptional image quality and sharpness. This advanced technology creates evenly distributed photon energy resulting in high efficiency photon energy generation that produces exceptional long tube life.

TFS Series Filamentary X-Ray Sources


Filamentary X-ray Source

Filamentary X-ray Technology employs a high quality filament and proprietary focusing Cup design and is reputed in achieving superior Flux Stability and Spectral Purity. TFS X-ray sources are deployed in industrial, medical and scientific applications where beam uniformity and superior image quality are critical. Our proprietary processing technology and accurate control techniques enable us to achieve high flux stability (RSD of 0.007%), Spectral Purity and beam stability.